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Pet Carton

$89.00 PLUS GST


Our Pet Explorer Smartybag offers a charming array of designs featuring adorable furry friends such as birds, dogs, cats, frogs, fish, and mice, all sporting the happiest of expressions. Carefully curated with an emphasis on pet care and exploration, this ingeniously crafted pack is perfect for young imaginative minds yearning for exciting journeys. Every bag unfurls into a world of exploration, learning, and fun, all inspired by the wonder of pet companionship.

Pack Includes:
100 x Pet Bags
Made from 100% recycled paper
Pack of 4 Crayons (8 Crayon Colours)
36 page activity booklet
Background sticker card
Punch out game
23cm wide x 17cm tall with 5cm gusset

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 18 cm