Kids Activity Placemats Australia

Worried about bringing the kids outside on a family dinner? Worry no more as we want to help give joy to your little ones while you enjoy your favorite food at your favorite restaurant.

Once in a while we plan to go and eat outside as an occasional family bonding, but since we have these cute school-aged kids we are more hesitant to do so. Children of this age are the most creative yet get the most cranky when they get bored, that;s why finding the best way to keep them company is the greatest thing to do.

Smartybags provides Kids Activity Placemats Australia as we have been providing smiles to the young ones for less than a decade now to over 4 Million children around the country.

These placemats have been helpful to various events in keeping the children busy in the most creative and educational way possible.

Boys Party Placemat


Smartybags care for children and makes sure they enjoy and have fun! Caring for children for over 4 years, we also care for our nature as Smartybags are made out of 100% recycled paper.

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We help children exercise their imagination and boost their imagination as the put colours and life to Smartybags activity materials. Let them learn while they have fun!

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Smartybags comes in with a variety of activity bag range at a very affordable price. All Smartybags include 8 crayon colours (4 double ended crayons), a sticker sheet and more.

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Why Choose Smartybags?

Smartybags Australia has been providing unique and creative activity sheets to children from 2 to 12 years old. We are proud to have had a huge success over the past 7 years as we’ve been bringing joy to over 4 Million happy consumers all over Australia.
We have been dedicated to provide unique and creative designs that will keep children entertained during parties and different types of celebration.
Smartybags aim to give more smiles on the faces of the young people while saving the environment as weuse 100% recycled materials.

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