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Children’s Activity Sheets


What are the odds of this generation in lighted up screens? Too much exposure to gadgets and other technologies are harmful to their health and idle to motor development.

All parents want nothing to harm their children, and keeping them entertained without being online is still possible. We wanted to keep them happy and entertained while parents are busy with running errands or work for the family.

Smartybags Australia has been providing unique and creative children’s activity sheets to kids from 2 to 12 years old, catering preschoolers to school-aged children. We have been dedicated to provide unique and creative designs that will keep children entertained during parties and different types of celebration.

We are proud to have had a huge success over the past 7 years as we’ve been bringing joy to over 4 Million happy consumers all over Australia.

Smartybags aim to give more smiles on the faces of the young people while saving the environment as weuse 100% recycled materials with these children’s activity sheets .